It's a sad and funny and dreadful story about a mental hospital in post communist country..
Published on June 14, 2009 By KunaAusterliz In Parenting

My parents are very sneaky

I cannot sleep...I have to solve this..I have to finish this pack of cigarettes...what does she want again..why is she following me..intruding..entering this room..i put some blockade on my doesn't stop her... she wants something,  o my god.. i have to let her in.


Next thing I see it's a beautiful park, beautiful weather, sun, very happy weather and me , on the back side of the car , just waking up. Nice, nice, where am I this time.
O, it's a hospital, no problem, if they think i really need to see somebody , no problem, i can see a psychiatrist if they really wish, i don't need it, but i don't care, ha! it's actually fascinating, I always wanted to see this building, to see this famous MENTAL HOSPITAL in BK. They want me to sign something, no problem I smile to the nice lady behind the window and i sign it with my great big unruled signature. Well, let's go, where is this doctor , but, where is the bathroom first, i need to pee. I am turning and heading to the bathroom. My parents are waiting for me at the corridor. I don't even look at them, I am too amused! I entered the bathroom, a typical bathroom, nothing special about it , but still it was a very, very provocative bathroom..

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